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Welcome to the artist site of Kristin Lems, performing songwriter, folksinger, and keynote presenter!  The site updates often, so please bookmark and join the email list. 

Exciting news!  Kristin's classic song, "Farmer," is in the finals of the Wisconsin Singer/Songwriters Series Contest.  Watch here to see results after May 6, when Kristin will sing it before the judges and enjoy the songs of the other contestants.  Here's hopin!

"SHOP" links to the page to buy the CDs and songs, as downloads or CDs.  "Lyrics and Notes" has many fun backstories about the songs. 

You, Me and All of the Above, our 8th CD, is now out!  Please contact us about sharing or singing the songs, licensing, interviews or bookings.

Enjoy the new article about Kristin at the University of Illinois Magazine!

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Thank you for visiting!  And remember, "Peace in the world - or the world in pieces." 

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