Equality Road - double CD

Catch it on the Run

Kristin Lems
words/music Kristin Lems c 2007 Kleine Ding Music (BMI)


Title song of the 30 song music revue of Kristin's song from the Station Theatre in June 1983, directed by Gary Ambler. One of Kristin's all time favorite original songs.


Catch it on the Run
Words and music by Kristin Lems © 1981, 1983, 2014

Love may stay a lifetime, but more likely just a day
How long it lasts is anybody's guess
The covenant may break at any time along the way
But that doesn't make us need love any less!

You've got to catch it on the run, catch it on the run
Catch it catch it catch it catch it on the run.

The leaves have started changing now,
the gardens have gone dry
the evening chill betrays the heat of noon.
As harvests are brought in, the empty fields give out a sigh
Summer's gone, and fall will be gone soon.

You got to catch it on the run....

Only you can determine
Only you can decide
If you wanna keep living and learning
You’ve got to get on and ride…
you’ve got to catch it on the run…

A headful of ideas and a pocketful of dreams
To see the world, to leave something of worth
Each child is born in mystery, not knowing what life means
How brief our magic moment on the earth!
You've got to catch it on the run....

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