Equality Road - double CD

Too Cheap to Meter

Kristin Lems
words/music Kristin Lems c 2007 Kleine Ding Music (BMI)


From a quote from the 1950s by the head of the Atomic Energy Commission Glenn Seaborg....how ironic!



Too Cheap to Meter

words and music by Kristin Lems  © 2000 Kleine Ding Music (BMI)

From the album “In the Out Door” (digitized and re-released on Equality Road album)

1. The war was done and time was on our side

And no one spoke of how many died in Japan

And no one knew just what that blast began

Such power fell into a few men’s hands

It seemed they had the world at their command for awhile

When asked about the dangers, they would smile, and say it’s


Too cheap to meter, too cheap to meter, too cheap to meter

Like the sun, like the sun.

2. While testing over ground out in the West

The Army sent its men to watch the test from nearby

And radiation marked those men to die

The weapons contracts signed, the treaties made

Plutonium produced at weapons-grade up for sale

No one spoke of the outcomes should they fail – the risks are

Too small to mater, too small to meter, too small to meter

They built on and on and on

3.  As plants went up, the cost of them did too

And cancer rates dramatically grew in our land

But still they keep us to their deadly plan

But the truth is too inconsistent to conceal

As accidents and close calls get revealed one by one

How many must be lost before they’re done?  Is our health

Too cheap to meter?  Too cheap to meter?

Are they too cheap to care for everyone, everyone?

4.  Insurance flees in fear, too much to pay

And realtors run off the other way at top speed

What better proof could any person need?

But energy is blowing in the wind

And streaming from the sun, and hidden in a waterfall

Let’s stop the nukes before they stop us full!  The risks are

Too steep to meter, too steep to meter, too steep to meter

Shut ‘em down, one by one, shut ‘em down!

The risks are too steep to meter, too steep to meter,

The dumps, the plants, the breeder, shut ‘em down every one

Shut ‘em down! 

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