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Come by Here, Martin Luther King

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Kristin Lems
c 2006 Kleine Ding Music. Words based on speech by Martin Luther King, Jr., with added lyrics by Kristin Lems; music traditional; arrangement of words and music by Kristin Lems


I loved these words and wanted to sing them.  I discovered a way to pair them with a well-known "campfire" song.  I then added the third verse, in addition to the first and last verses.  I am very happy with the song and enjoy teaching it to others.  It's easy to learn and very meaningful.


Come by here, Martin Luther King (3x)

Your words we sing (2x)

Darkness cannot drive out darkness

Only light can do that

Hatred cannot drive out hatred

Only love can do that

Vengeance cannot heal our wounds

Only justice can do that

Come by here, Martin Luther King

 Your words we sing

 Your life we sing.

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