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Kristin Lems
words and music by Kristin Lems c 2006 Kleine Ding Music (BMI)


This song was written after exploring many sources about this great woman and can be used as part of a unit of study about the Lewis and Clark Expedition. 




Words and music by Kristin Lems

Sacajawea!!  (4x)

1.  Shoshone girl light on her feet

Captured by raiders, 11 years old

Sold to a husband, just like a trinket

Far from her family, no rights of her own

Sacajawea!! (4x)

2. A cruel French husband, trapper by trade

Approached by some white men heading west

“We’ll hire you both to translate Minataree,”

Said Lewis and Clark, and her husband said “yes.”

Sacajawea!! (4x)

3.  In Feburary, Baptiste was born

He was his young mother’s pride and joy

The corps said, “Let’s go, the winter is gone

You must carry along your two month old boy.”

Sacajawea!! (4x)

4.  They met Walla Walla, Shoshone, Wanaupans

Chinookans, Nez Perce and Minataree

Indian nations all along the route

Saw the mother and child and let them all be

Sacajawea!! (4x)

5.  5000 miles of hardship and strife

Baby in the cradleboard, forward they moved

Through hailstorms and rapids, illness and despair

Sacajawea found them food.

Sacajawea!! (4x)

6.  Lewis wrote of her greatness, Clark wrote of her skills

She led them to safety countless times

At the journey’s end, they only paid her husband,

Never saw her again, she died at 25.

Sacajawea!! (4x)

7.  Sacajawea, what is a life?

Courage and daring while raising your kid

For all of your pain, your hunger and your hurt

Nature never failed you, man’s world did.

Sacajawea!! (4x)





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