Oh Mama - plus!

Between 96 and 97

Kristin Lems
words and music by Kristin Lems c 2005


Until a couple of years ago, Chicago had two classical radio stations, and one was 97 FM. Its nearby neighbor, B96, does top 40 pop hits....and, as the song suggests, I lived somewhere between the two, and still do. Sensuousness and the life of the body electric, along with the probing and critical mind. That is a tension sometimes exciting and occasionally hard to reconcile. Still, as I get more mature, I am able to embrace my own contradictions more readily!


1. I turn the dial of my favorite medium

In the morning to relieve my tedium

My nervous finger grazes the dial

Until I find the show that suits my style

Just like the weather in the big vast sky

It changes every day, and so do I


I live my life somewhere between 96 and 97

Looking for kicks on 96, on 97, looking for heaven

2. The news on 97 is said so fine

It musta taken years of practice to read those lines

The ads are smooth, dispassionate

And then they segue right over to a string quartet

While their rowdy neighbor, 96 next door

Is playin a rap about robbin a store


3. I stopped at a light, 96 was on

On a summer’s night with the window down

A guy in a Camaro grinned and turned my way

When the light turned green, he screeched away

When I play 97 at other lights

People never turn, it wouldn’t be polite

4. When I feel down, all I want to hear

Is 97, it helps calm my fears

And now when I’m rushing to work or school

I like 96's rhythm, as a rule

I’m a sensuous animal in a bind

That must share its cage with a thinking mind!

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