Oh Mama - plus!

Mammary Glands

Kristin Lems
words and music by Kristin Lems c 2005 - this is a thirty second clip ONLY...please buy the CD with it if you like the song


Kristin's most played song! It has garnered attention from everyone from Dr. Demento to the La Leche League....


Mammary Glands

Mammary glands - wo wo! Mother nature's dairy delight

You can't make cream or butter cause it's just a human udder

And a natural mammalian sight.

1. Do you wanna pay to take a peek

At what drives men insane'

They're in anthro books galore and I'm

Just sure that you'll adore 'em,

Even cave women have the same two simple...


2. The men decided that a certain shape

Stands out more than the rest

Well they made such a major issue

Women stuff their bras with tissue,

Thrust shoulders back to look their best, show off their...

3. If you're more than 36, you are desirable

So don't be shy, they'll pay

For once you finally sold out, you may get a center foldout

They dig your dugs, you're on the way, with famous...

4. It's a multimillion dollar enterprise

But no one know what it's about

If we'd think before we'd buy it

We'd bust the myth, we would defy it

And we might stand up and shout, 'They're only...'


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