Oh Mama - plus!

The Fifties Sound

Kristin Lems
words and music by Kristin Lems c 2005 Kleine Ding Music (BMI)


There was a very strong 50's influence in my life at the time I wrote this -- the song is best performed in costume, with props!


They say the fifties are comin again!

Get out my bobby socks and run to the gym!

The fifties band has got them out on the floor -

Hey wait! I been through this nightmare before!

1. Those olden days were not so golden you know

Girls who got in trouble, they had nowhere to go

Couldn't take their lives into their own hands

Spent their time a swoonin over rock n roll bands

2. In those days colored people knew their place

Didn't try to barge into the human race

But Elvis and the others picked up all their cues

And made a million dollars singing white boy blues


Whoa Whoa - whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa

They're dancing to what oppressed us 20 years ago.

3. Girls wore thick makeup, boys wore thick grease

If you didn't have a steady, you were never at ease

Swearin and sex, they were mortal sins -

Why the hell you think we brought the sixties in?

4. Everybody looked and thought and talked the same

And learned all of the details of the dating game

Boys, they were lettermen or else they were queer

If they were small or shy they lived in constant fear


5. Think of all the folks who miss the fifties sound

The millionaires whose profits have been going down

For the ku klux klan, those were the good ole' days

And back then, women really knew their place

6 Administrators missed the days when students obeyed

Didn't meddle in the world the grownups had made

The Pentagon's nostalgic for the days of yore

When every kid would rush to join their latest war!


7. So all you kids soakin up the scene

Sorry to break in on your American dream

But we lived through it and it ain't no fun:

No one's gonna take back what we won!


Teen angel, teen angel, rest in pieces!

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