Oh Mama - plus!

Women Walk More Determined

Kristin Lems
words and music by Kristin Lems c 2005


This is my all time favorite of my own songs. It wrote itself.



You know, women walk more determined than they ever have

Women walk with a stronger stride than they ever did before

Take a look sisters and brothers,

cause you're gonna find you got another kind of woman

Who will ask a lot and give a lot and live a whole lot more

1. My friend, you and I have come a long way

And we're gonna go farther still

For the more I learn about myself and my world

You know, the more both of us will

All the ancient fears are coming out now

And I'm gettin them under control

For I realize until I love myself

Nothin else is gonna make me whole


2.It's hard to break all the traditions

And sometimes we wanna give up

But we gotta keep goin, gotta keep on growin

Cause love ain't gonna let us stop

You know we owe it to each other

To grow as wise as we can get

And we'll get to the end, my sister and friend

We haven't seen the best of it yet


3. Do you remember how it used to be, now?

All the games we used to play?

Never bringin it out, full of defenses and doubt

Now everything that we believe we can say

You've hurt me a lot and I've hurt you, babe

And we'll always bear the scars

But to learn about love and everything it's made of

You gotta know just who you are!

chorus twice

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