The Emperor's New Clothes

Kristin Lems
Kristin Lems


There are many "grand viziers" telling big tales, even today - and stoking the vanity of the rich and powerful -- and we still need to call them out!


The Emperor's New Clothes

Words and music by Kristin Lems  © 1989 Kleine Ding Music (BMI)


1. The story’s old but it’s time I told this tale of worldwide fame

Once there was an emperor, and I don’t remember his name.

He went out bare in the open air, in front of everyone’s nose

But it took a little boy to say “Oy yoy you! the emperor has no clothes!”

And it took a little girl to run tell the world, “Hey, the emperor has no clothes!”


2. The Grand Vizier whispered in his ear, “Your robe is just divine,

And only those of royal blood can see a cloth so fine.”

The vizier looked sly as the king walked by, the crowd looked on in shock

He felt a little breeze up and down his knees, and they began to knock!


3. “Hold up my train!” the king proclaimed, “It’s dragging on the ground!”

The page looked down to take the gown, there was nothing to be found.

The parade went on, the character went on, the villagers stood mute

Till one hyped up little kid piped up  - “He’s in his birthday suit!”


4. The emperor has no clothes you know, he’s naked as can be

You can see him strut by every day in your community

He’s only strong if we play along, if we expose him we’ll win

For even a king with robes and ring has a soft underbelly of skin

For even a king with robes and ring has a soft underbelly of skin!



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