Hattie Mae

Kristin Lems
words and music by Kristin Lems c 2005 Kleine Ding Music (BMI)


The true story of Ruby Dee Bridges as told by Robert Coles, and then by Bridges herself, in a wonderful book about her brave childhood. Kids are taught to hate -- it doesn't come natural.


The child psychologist pulled off his glasses and said, "I just don't understand They gave me a grant to study those children who live under stress in this land So I've studied conditions and made it my mission to interview kids in distress And after 26 kids who have lived on the skids one child makes my research a mess! She says No! when I ask her Do you have bad dreams? "No!" when I ask her if she cries or screams No lack of confidence, sleeps through the night, And when I ask why, she says she's doing what's right "According to all of my research on children they're sposed to have ulcers and pains When they're haunted or taunted or otherwise stunted subject to exceptional strains, but for 3 long school years, she walked calmly through jeers and the sticks and the stones of the crowd Facing hurt and harm, on a marshal's arm just to go where she was allowed. "Well, her name's Hattie Mae, and I want to say that she changed that town ? no small job. For she risked her life, lived with months of strife just to get into school past that mob With her smooth brown skin and determined chin she led the way for us all & when 3 years had passed & she kept coming back soon all the town's kids filled the halls!" The child psychologist folded his glasses and said,"Hattie Mae's doing fine; she's got black friends & white friends & no special problems cause children know no color line; And as for my research, a child made me search to see what my life was made of; For the boys and the girls will remake this ole world with their hope and their courage and love!"
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