Life has Other Plans

Kristin Lems
words and music by Kristin Lems c 2005 Kleine Ding Music (BMI)


When life has plans for you, and you have plans, guess which plans have their way? I guess we need to negotiate with chance at all times!


Life has other plans for you, life has other plans Sometimes no matter what you do it isn't in your hands Some roads lead you to Easy Street, and others to the Burning Sands You never know, so go with the flow, cause life has other plans. About to take my first plane trip, I hurried to the gate But they had overbooked the flight & said I had to wait There was another passenger that missed the flight that day, now She & I crisscross the sky & work for Mary Kaye! My social life was zero after Joe and I broke up So I turned to the want ads to try to perk things up A chess player who loves cartoons - how perfect can you get? Well, he hadn't changed, ole Joe's the same, and we're together yet! I never paid astrology much credence in my day Until I read the words, "Good news or $'s on the way." The $1000 I brought home created quite a stir, but I'd read my sister's by mistake, I gave it all to her. How many writers take their inspiration from the street? How many people meet their best friends stepping on their feet? & how could I have ever guessed I'd visit other lands? So don't get shocked if the boat gets rocked cause life has other plans
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