Move on Bravely Ahead

Kristin Lems
words and music by Kristin Lems c 2005 Kleine Ding Music (BMI)


A kind of rap to get through the bad times....I often sing fragments of this to myself in the bad times...I hope it can be of use to you!


Move on Bravely Ahead from the CD "Upbeat!"

1. Are you fed up? Are you beat down?

Move on bravely ahead

Feel like no one wants you around?

Move on bravely ahead

No one ever told you you'd have no strife

Or hunger, or loneliness that cuts like a knife

But you gotta make good, it's a contract for life

So move on bravely ahead

2. Lost your true love? lost your best friend

Move on bravely ahead

Wonder if the hard times will ever end?

Move on bravely ahead

Nothing comes with any guarantee

But you have got your life and your liberty

The pursuit of happiness is yours, you see

If you move on bravely ahead

3. Addicted? convicted? left behind

You gotta move on bravely ahead

Groping? hardly coping with humankind?

Move on bravely ahead

Keep on inchin that train uphill

To make it up the mountain is a question of will

You gotta be upbeat and never stand still

And move on bravely ahead.

4. Afraid to act, don't know what's next?

Still, move on bravely ahead

Far more problems than you'd ever expect?

Move on bravely ahead

You've got one thing that will help you a lot

It's your own sweet life, it's happenin, it's hot

It's very very special, so give it all you got!

And move on bravely ahead Yes, move on bravely ahead!

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