The Language of Love

Kristin Lems
words and music by Kristin Lems c 2005 Kleine Ding Music (BMI)


Venus and Mars...will we ever align?


She said, I love you He said, your left front headlight needs to be replaced She said, you mean so much to me He said, I'll find the replacement parts for you She said, I never felt so good He said, let me check out your furnace filter She said, give me a kiss He said, give me a wrench! And they both care a lot And they're both aware of Though they use different idioms They're speaking the language of love They're speaking the language of love And she said, are you hungry? And he said what are you cooking? And she said, it's one of your favorites And he said, OK, I'll take a break And she said, how does it taste? And he said, just look at my plate And she said, can you stay for some coffee? And he said, time�s up, see you later. He said, just checking in And she said, just listen to this And he said, go ahead, tell me more And she did and he ignored the second phone And she asked for advice And he said he sympathized And he said that she was doing fine And she said, I gotta hang up! She said, just look at me now And he said, it's OK, you can cry And she said, it's not cause I'm sad And he said, I kind of knew that And she said, you broke through a wall And he said, I'm glad And she said, don't leave, and he said I have no immediate plans to head for the exit

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