You Can't Beat a Woman

Kristin Lems
words and music by Kristin Lems c 2005 Kleine Ding Music (BMI)


I saw the phrase on a tee shirt for a YWCA fundraiser for a women's shelter...and it became this song!


You Can’t Beat a Woman

Words and music by Kristin Lems © 2005, 2014


You can't beat a woman, no you can't, no you can't

You can't beat a woman, no you can't!  (2x)


1. The story's old, but it must be told

How many women fall to violence

From those we trust, even those we love

But now it's time to break the silence, and say


2. With no laws to help, and no one to tell

Many women hid their bruises

But days so long have passed and gone

Now there is shelter if she chooses


3. A woman's life is a precious thing!

It should be full of joy and laughter

To be safe at home or on the street

Now that's the goal we're after!


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