You, Me, and All of the Above

You, Me, and All of the Above

by Kristin Lems

Released 2015
Carolsdatter Productions
Released 2015
Carolsdatter Productions
"Brilliant and funny," with lush, rich arrangements, Kristin's new songs range from guinea hens to a Chicago pirate, from Chilean miners to the universal plea, "Who Knows Where my Money Goes?" Enjoy world-class songs with LA production!
  • 03:17 Story Lyrics The Everywhichway Wind

    1. The everywhichway wind is blowing

    Everywhichway, up and down

    It blows upon the ships at sea

    And on the children in the town.


    Oh - It's coming round again

    Blows you up and blows you down,

    the everywhichway wind

    Oh - It's rising up again

    Blows you all around the town,

    the everywhichway wind!

    2. The everywhichway wind is blowing

    Everywhichway, everywhere

    It slaps my clothes and scatters leaves

    And makes a bird nest in my hair!

    3. It sends the empty trashcans flying

    Booming as they roll along

    It snaps the branches off the trees

    And sings a wild and windy song!

    4. It brings the warmth of summer heat

    It brings the sleet and driving rain

    The winter winds blow cold and then

    It brings the breeze of spring again!

    5. Tell me wind, where are you going?

    Tell me why you blow so wild

    The next direction never knowing

    Chasing round me like a child!


  • 02:36 Story Lyrics Who Knows Where My Money Goes


    Who knows?  Tell me who knows?

    Who knows where my money goes?

    It’s a mystery, so please tell me

    Who knows where my money goes?


    1. Nobody knows the trouble I seen (who knows where my money goes?)

    Gonna go downtown, find a money machine (who knows where my money goes?)

    2. Old King Cole was a merry old soul (who knows....)

    Cause the peasants paid for his pipe and bowl (who knows...)           


    3. My friend Bill is nice as can be

    But too many Bills been chasin’ me

    4. My paycheck’s fine, for two weeks enough

    But unfortunately, it comes once a month!                                         

    5. Jack be nimble, Jack be quick

    Here comes a lawyer who’s really slick

    6. Jack ‘n’ Jill went up the hill

    Tumbled back down when they saw the bill                           


    7. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

    Reached for a dollar and had a great fall

    8. Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet

    They raised her rent and she had to rough it

    9. Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town

    No money for clothes, he’s in a nightgown

    10. Little Jack Horner stuck in his thumb

    I want my money, not this darn plum! 


  • 03:27 Story Lyrics The Heart of a Woman

    3. The Heart of a Woman

    words and music by Kristin Lems

    © 2015 Kleine Ding Music (BMI)

    1.  In Copiapo Chile, a mine shaft collapsed

    Maria and the other wives rushed to the scene

    “Go away ladies, this is men’s work!”

    She said, “You break rocks, but you can’t break me!”



    The heart of a woman is deeper than a mountain

    Harder than rock, safer than a shelter

    The heart of a woman is deeper than a mountain

    Rock my soul.


    2.  33 miners deep inside the mountain

    33 miners as good as dead

    But the women and the children set up their camp

    “You will bring them out alive!” the women said.


    3.  For 19 days the probes brought nothing

    But in Maria’s heart was a tapping sound

    The 19th day, the probe brought a message

    33 miners alive underground!


    4.  The men underground sang songs, told stories

    Exercised in their prison in the earth

    Got notes and videos from women who waited

    Reminding them what life is worth.


    5.  After 69 days, the capsule was ready

    The world held its breath, sent letters, said prayers

    Till one by one the men were liberated

    Into the arms of the women there!

    Kristin Lems:  lead vocal, spoken word

    Lynn Keller:  bass guitar, synth bass

    Susan Draus:  vocal arrangement

     Tim Morey:  classical guitar

    Vance Okraszewski:  drums, percussion

    Charnette Batey, Candace Quarrels, Susan Draus:  background vocals

  • 02:50 Story Lyrics You Can't Rush the River


    You can’t rush the river

    Or the tides of the sea

    Or the delicate sunrise

    So please don’t rush me

    1. You can’t rush a rose

    As its petals unfurl

    Or a ripening apple

    Or the turn of the world


    2. You can’t rush a full moon

    Or the coming of spring

    Or the growth of a baby

    Or a bird on the wing


    3. All good things take time

    They sometimes move slow

    They each have their rhythm

    They each have their flow



  • 03:26 Story Lyrics Oh Little Bird


    Oh little bird, where are you flying?

    You are so far, so far from home

    The winds of war have blown your nest away

    Oh little bird, you’re bound to roam


    1. If we had wings to fly back in time

    To days of peace and nights of calm

    You’d fly straightway to the ones you love

    But time will not stand still, so you fly on


    2. Through storm and rain you made your journey

    Through days and nights, each step a test

    We offer twigs and leaves, and ribbons

    Here you can build, here you can rest


    3. And one by one we’ll make a better day

    And day by day, peace shall return

    As twig by twig together we will build

    A nest of peace to shelter all the world!


    Last chorus:

    Oh little bird, where are you flying?

    You are so far, so far from home

    But one by one together we will build

    A nest of peace to shelter all the world

    A nest of peace to shelter all the world!


    Kristin Lems:  lead vocal

    Wilam Tarris: vocal

    Lynn Keller:  bass guitar

    Tim Morey:  classical guitar

    Tommy Reeves:  accordion

    Vance Okraszewski:  cajon


  • 04:09 Story Lyrics Old Cap Streeter

    1.  You can talk about pirates on the Caribbean Sea

    Or Corsairs lurking in the Mediterranee

    Or the Persian Gulf, where pirate crews roam

    But one Chicago pirate is a case all his own!

    Old Cap Streeter lives in infamy

    2. A 30 year reign in the 1870’s

    His steamboat ran aground on Lake Michigan's shore

    Claimed the land as his own, set out to get more!


    It’s old Cap Streeter, the pirate of Chicago!

    Old Cap Streeter, the pirate of Chicago!

    Raise a glass to Cap Streeter, do!

    Yo ho ho ---   Arrrrrr!  Yo ho ho ---   Arrrrrr!

    Yo ho ho and a bottle of Chicago brew!


    3. Cap made his fortune plundering cargo

    When ships made ports of call to Chicago

    With his pirate crew, his riches grew

    The cops couldn’t touch him - and he shot a few!

    4. The city wanted him out, so the rich could move in

    Prime lakefront land, the obstacle was him

    He held them at bay with forgeries and suits

    And Ma Streeter came after them in combat boots!    


    5. He built a two story “Castle” on an old boat frame

    He’d pull up the ladder when the marshals came

    What happened on his turf was soon renowned

    For people and treasures it was “lost and found”

    6. Like other outlaws of fame and renown

    They finally got him on tax evasion grounds

    After his jail time, now a free man

    Cap opened a Chicago hot dog stand!                                    

    7. When his time was up, they finally got the land

    Built the finest hotels and brought in yellow sand

    But Old Cap Streeter's name is alive:

    Streeterville's got the Hancock and Lake Shore Drive!


  • 03:22 Story Lyrics Across a Village

    1. I’d walk across a village just to be with you

    To sit with you

    A little while

    I’d walk across a village just to be with you

    To touch your hand

    To see you smile


    By crescent moon or full moon I would find my way

    Across the stones

    To where you stay

    My heart would find the path to lead me to your door

    As if I’d known

    That path before


    2. I’d walk across a village just to be with you

    To share a song

    To share a sigh

    I’d walk across a village just to be with you

    To talk with you

    To be nearby


    At the edge of twilight I would come to you

    My heart’s delight

    I’d run to you

    The velvet glove of night would hold us in its hand

    As word by word

    The flames are fanned


    I’d walk across a village just to be with you

    To sit with you

    A little while

    I’d walk across a village just to be with you

    To touch your hand

    To see your smile.

  • 02:57 Story Lyrics The Ballad of Mossadegh

    1. Mohamed Mossadegh stood for the people  

    Born into a wealthy class

    Could have merely enjoyed his privilege and power

    But this servant leader chose another path

    2. Studied law in Switzerland, returned to Iran

    Elected to Iran’s new parliament

    Took part in Iran’s constitutional revolution

    Built people’s power wherever he went

    3. Served as governor, finance minister

    His reforms widely loved across Iran

    Till the shah was forced to make him prime minister

    Mossadegh kept democracy pushing on

    4. He stood up to the generals and to the aristocracy

    Stood up to the monarchy

    And then he stood up to British petroleum

    And from their hold broke Iran free

    5.  Those who rule by force are quickly forgotten

    Their cruel deeds erased from memory

    But for this patriot of Persia, Mohammed Mossadegh,

    Our memory is as fresh as can be

    6. Trusting the people, and listening to their wisdom

    This is what a servant leader gives

    As long as democracy is loved anywhere

    Dr. Mossadegh lives.

  • 03:24 Story Lyrics Carl the Guinea Hen

    1. A neighbor ran in the park each day

    Part of his workout for parkour play

    What a surprise he found last May -

    It was Carl the guinea hen!


    2. It was easy to catch him in a towel

    Carl was one bedraggled fowl

    He nursed him to health, soon we all gave a howl seeing

    Carl the guinea hen!



    Carl the guinea hen

    Lived on our street without a pen

    Perhaps one day we’ll see him again

    Carl the guinea hen!


    3. Like a turkey breast with a scrawny neck

    Two red wattles his beak bedecked 

    His two-toned call was loud as heck 

    Carl the guinea hen


    4. Some neighbors loved him and some did not

    The city was called but he never was caught

    Carl stopped traffic on the spot

    That odd-looking guinea hen.


    5. Now fair was the fowl when the weather was fair

    But soon coyotes were lurking there

    And a hawk watched Carl from a nearby lair

    To make a meal of that guinea hen!


    6. So Carl’s protectors hatched a plot

    Let Carl die? No, they would not

    Bought a chicken cage, found a quiet spot

    And caught that guinea hen!


    7. They drove downstate to a welcoming farm

    Just one time held him in their arms, now he’s

    Pecking in the yard and safe from harm

    Carl the guinea hen!


  • 03:01 Story Lyrics Because There's a Sky

    1. Reporter: Why do you fly?

    Amelia:          Because there’s a sky.

    Reporter:      But women don’t fly

    Amelia:          This woman flies!

    Reporter:      It just isn’t done

    Amelia:          I want to reach for the sun!

                            and I’ve only begun!


    Nobody asks a man “Why are you climbing that mountain?”

    Nobody asks a man “Why are you fording that stream?”

    Nobody asks a man, “Why are you digging through those old bones?”

    They know it’s his life, they know it’s his joy, they know it’s his dream!

    And this is my dream!


    2. Reporter: Why do you fly?

    Amelia:          Because there’s a sky.

    Reporter:      But women don’t fly

    Amelia:          This woman flies!

    Reporter:      No woman has dared

                            The world’s not prepared

    Amelia:          But I am not scared.


    Imagine the people and places that we can now visit!

    Imagine the feel of the wind when you’re up in a plane

    When I imagine what men have imagined forever

    They say it’s a stunt, they say it’s a whim –

    They say I’m insane!


    Intro Break


    3. Reporter: Why do you fly?

    Amelia:          Because there’s a sky.

    Reporter:      But women don’t fly

    Amelia:          This woman flies!

    Reporter:      She’s one stubborn dame

    It’s a dangerous game

    Amelia:          I’ll fly just the same


    What is a life that is nothing but sitting and waiting?

    What is a life that is pretty and dainty and small?

    Just like a still life of flowers and apples that never grow

    My life must be big, my life must be grand, or it’s no life at all!


    Reporter/Amelia:   Why do you fly?/I’m gonna fly  (2x)

    Amelia:          No matter the outcome

    It’s all worth the try

    I’m going to fly!

  • 02:05 Story Lyrics Solstice Song

    1. This is the time, the time of year

    For gathering together

    We can brave the longest night

    And all the wintry weather

    Longest night, we fear you not!

    For we have kept our hearthstones hot

    This is the time, the time of year

    For gathering together.


    2. Winter with its icy breath

    Has thrown its spell upon us

    All the birds and geese have left

    And ice and snow surround us

    But tonight, the balance shifts

    Back toward life and all its gifts

    This is the time, the time of year

    For gathering together.


    3. Force of darkness, force of night

    You shall no longer lead us!

    Rattle the windows, steal the light

    But you shall not defeat us!

    You wrestled us right to the ground

    But we will win the coming round!

    This is the time, the time of year

    For gathering together.


    4. So raise your glass and raise your voice

    In fellowship and courage

    Against the cold, against the odds

    Our lasting lives will flourish

    For we are all brave women and men –

    And like the sun will rise again!

    This is the time, the time of year

    For gathering together!

  • 03:10 Story Lyrics Chicago I Will

    1. Set like a jewel on Lake Michigan's shore

    We see you and know what a great city's for

    I'll sing you this song for the dreams you've fulfilled

    If you ask me, Chicago I will

    2. From days of DuSable till the railroads were laid

    You're a center of progress, a center of trade

    Your history, your mystery still make my heart thrill

    If you ask me, Chicago I will

    3. So many people from so many lands

    Have come with a vision and offered their hands

    You grew from their courage, they strengthen you still

    If you ask me, Chicago, I will

    4. Great people, great movements have come through and gone

    And through all the changes, you keep rollin on

    Your people's ideals, they strengthen you still

    If you ask me, Chicago, I will

    5. This much is for certain, wherever I roam

    Sweet home Chicago, you'll always be home

    We'll grow old together, I'll love you until

    You ask me Chicago, I will

    I'll love you for now and I'll love you until

    You ask me, Chicago, I will.

  • 02:46 Lyrics No Turning Back

    Chorus:  No turning back (3x), We’re working for a better world

    1. Bread not bombs…

    2. No hungry child….

    3. Keep hope alive….

    4. Honor the earth!....

Kristin Lems has been writing and performing songs that have become "classics" over time, and You, Me, and All of the Above will add to that legacy. She started singing during the "folk revival" and has continued over several decades, bringing her signature warmth and energy to both the stage and her 7 previous recordings.

*for lyrics, credits, and notes, hover over each song until "lyrics" appears, then click on it.

Kristin's songs were "instant anthems" and consciousness-raisers for thousands during the 1970's and 1980's, in events for women's rights, safe energy, racial equality, and related issues. Her songs made national airplay and found their way into documentaries and songbooks. Meanwhile, Kristin performed in venues in and around the Midwest, from street corners to elegant auditoriums. She has shared the stage with many luminaries, including Captain Jacques Cousteau, Gloria Steinem, Alan Alda, and Betty Ford, and musicians including Dan Fogelberg, Peter Paul and Mary, Holly Near, Simon Townshend, and many others. Her performances are known as energizing and witty, and her performances on guitar, piano, and autoharp highlight her musical skills and background.

Kristin founded the National Women's Music Festival in 1974, while living in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, and was a prime organizer for the first five years. The Festival is in its fortieth year now, and Kristin has been invited to come to it to open the 2015 Festival in Middleton, Wisconsin. Her new album, You, Me and All of the Above, will be released there.

Kristin has taught English as a Second Language in several foreign countries and has learned songs of those countries, which are part of her repertoire. In particular, teaching ESL for a year in Iran gave her the opportunity to sing in Persian and take an interest in human rights and democracy in Iran. She also sings in Spanish, French and several other languages.

Kristin also sings for children, and her first album for children, Sharing, is a family favorite. She has sung for daycare centers, preschools, and in early childhood settings, with a variety of fun, funny songs. "I sing where people are," she affirms.

Based in Chicago, Kristin sings outside the Midwest for conferences, festivals, and occasionally for individual venues.

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