From the recording Equality Road Double CD

This was "the" rally song for the ERA campaign...I sang this all over the country. This particular day, June 30, 1982, it was raining, and the ERA time period expired that day, but we all did our very best!  


1. It was 50 years ago
An amendment was proposed
to make the law state men and women equal
But little did we know
Just how long the fight would go
And even now, we're working on its sequel
So no more debate because we can't wait
We demand equality today
And it's fight we must to make the law just
2. "I'm only Adam's rib
Keep me safe within my crib!"
Ms. Shifty cries while working women labor
"Any girl who needs to work
Should find a man, or she's a jerk,
And if she don't know her place,
Who cares what they pay her?" (We do!)
3. Said the main who's been laid off,
"How can I support this stuff?
The boss tells me you'll make more competition."
She said, "Find work if you can
But not just cause you're a man
Let's work side by side in factory and kitchen!"
4. Said the sargeant with a sneer,
"Well then tell me something dear,
Are you willing to be drafted with the others?"
She answered, "Yes, and more,
I will not support your war,
I will resist and fight beside my brothers!"
5. Now the day is close at hand
That across this lovely land
Those who try to keep us down will be defeated!
So help us speed the day,
Shout the word, it's ERA!
Till the era of equality is greeted!