From the recording Equality Road Double CD


Once upon a time In a springtime of my past I threw away a love I knew was deep and true Hungry for the world, didn't try to make it last That spring it seemed the only thing to do It was a dangerous spring, such a dangerous spring, there was magic in the air, something tragic in the air Dangerous spring, it's a dangerous thing when the love you thought you had isn't there..... Several springs went by, I had my time to cry For love I lost, and love I couldn't return Then finally I met you I was ready to be true But I forgot the lesson I had learned In that dangerous spring... I guess it's my turn now But I just don't know how You went away right before my eyes I thought we were so good Guess I misunderstood Forgot how quickly love can turn to lies! In a dangerous spring, such a dangerous spring When there's madness in the air, Oh such sadness in the air, Dangerous spring, it's the strangest of things When the love you need to live isn't there.