From the recording Equality Road Double CD

The first verse of this song happened exactly as described....hooray for young feminists!


I pulled into the loading zone Feeling nervous, I was all alone Unloading my equipment before the show I started wheeling it down the hall Till I turned, hearing a young man call "Can I help? That must be heavy I know.. I've been looking forward to your show." "Cause my mom's a feminist So I understand That's why I'm here today I've come to lend a hand I was raised on equal rights And furthermore She helped me see That equality is a goal worth fighting for." She decided she could do some good Ringing doorbells in the neighborhood Not for the Girl Scouts, but for ERA Sometimes she takes her friends alone She's only 10, but she's already strong She's a move and a shaker well on her way When they ask what she's doing, this is what she'll say. chorus Different questions in the classroom now Young seekers asking how Things came to be, and how they can change Becoming women and becoming men May not ever be the same again But the new ways won't be quite as strange When the people they trust help them get it arranged. Because we're feminists, so we understand That's why we're here today, we've come to lend a hand We raise them on equal rights, and furthermore We help them see that equality Is a goal worth fighting for. It's worth all the time you take What a difference your time can make For the new generation still coming along If our movement is to last We must see that the torch is passed And today's young people will grow up strong And thousands more will sing this song!