From the recording Equality Road Double CD

The song was written by Bonnie Lockhard. I learned itĀ from Jeanie Mackey and Penny Rosenwasser who sang it in concert and got the whole place rocking every time -- I discovered years later that I had learned the harmony part, not the melody! Still, it "works!"


Who were the witches? Where did they come from? Maybe your great great great grandma was one! Witches were wise, wise women they say And there's a little witch in every woman today. Witches knew all about flowers and trees How to use all the roots and the bark and the leaves People grew weary from hard-working days Witches made them feel better in so many ways. chorus Women had babies, the witches were there To feed them and hold them and give them some care Witches knew stories bout how life began Don't you wish you could be one? Well maybe you can! chorus Some people thought that the witches were bad Some people were scared of the power they had The power to heal and to help and to care Isn't something to fear - it's a treasure to share!