There are so many ways to learn - here are a few I thought of. Sometimes the tried and true way doesn't work, but there's another point of entry that does.
Because I truly believe in what this song says, I would like you to hear the whole thing. I have also uploaded a slideshow of it at slideshare - feel free to look there.


All kids can learn
chorus: All kids can learn (2x)
I'll tell you now and you'd best believe
All kids can learn!
1. Every kid has their own style
Every kid has their own speed
Watch them closely for awhile
To find out what they need.
2.Technology can help so much
If we don't forget that human touch
Blend it together, add lights and sound --
You'll have the brightest class around!
3. School can be such a happy place ~
Got to put on a happy face
Now's the moment, so do not wait,
Tell those kids, "I think you're great!"
4. When you've had a productive day
Who learns the most? It's hard to say,
Kids learn from peers and books and you -
When you work together, you'll learn lots too!
chorus, twice