This metaphor for friendship among busy friends works just right for me. When things are smooth and in a state of flow, I sometimes lose track of my friends. But, come the bumps, I can call them, or they can call me, and it's just as solid as can be.


1. Sometimes I get too busy for my friends But we all know friendship never ends We'll be there to lighten each others' loadsAnd to help each other over bumps in the road. chorus:Bumps in the road - everyone knows, bumps in the road, gotta take em slow It takes a friend to lighten that load And to help you over the bumps in the road.
2. Those bumps can hurt - they can break your cartJust like upheavals that can break your heart You can crawl like a turtle or hop like a toad, But you just can't get around those bumps in the road!
3. It would be so great if the road were smooth But there's up and downs when you start to moveTo make coffee sweet, you gotta take your lumpsAnd to make complete, you gotta cross those bumps!