1. Dewey Doo Wap

I found these quotes while reading Dewey for a graduate class, and I thought he needed a little pepping up with a doo-wap ditty!


Here are the words of the thinker John Dewey
Some think him brilliant, some think him screwy
He lived and he wrote 110 years ago
But his words are as fresh as dew-y on a rose

Dewey doo wap, dewey dewey doo wap
dewey doo wap, dewey doo wap

He said "Education is a process of living,
Not a preparation for future living;
Kids need full and ready use
Of eyes and hearts and hand
So those may be tools
Ready for them to command,"


"School is a form of community life and space
to share the rich resources of the human race,"
He's not so radical, his ideas are not so rare
But one century later, do we or don't we dare?