A takeoff on one of my all time favorite children's books....when done live, you can add the hambone body sounding and be your own instrument.


Hambone hambone where you been?
Round the world and back again

In a house in Paris all covered with vines
Lived 12 little girls in two straight lines
In two straight lines they broke their bread
In two straight lines they went to bed
They had pillowfights and a lot of fun
And Madeleine was the youngest one


Together they went to the park and the zoo
And all together they ate their food
One day the girls had an awful fright
Heard someone crying in the middle of the night
Sister called for an ambulance in a flurry
Took Madeleine away in a hurry

When 11 little girls came over to visit
Saw Madeleine's scar and said, "What is it?"
She said, "It's my appendix scar,"
And Madeleine became an overnight star
She sat contented in a hospital bed
With a rabbit-shaped crack overhead

Now 11 little girls in two straight lines
Are not so happy, every night they whine
They cry and whimper and say, "Boo hoo!"
Say, "We want to be operated too!"