I don't think there is anything harder for me than clearing my own mind.  I am reminded of my own advice every time I sing this song, and remember that "nothing" allows a space for rest, new ideas, and the imagination!  


Think about Nothing
Everyone needs to think about nothin’
Clear out the stuffin, now and again
Everyone needs to empty their mind out
So they can find out what life is for them
1. She was fixed at her desk, staring straight at the screen
And her coworkers wondered, just what was she seein?
So they crept up behind her, what did they come upon?
They found her computer had not been turned on!  She said…
2. The algebra final was 12 pages long
You’d repeat the whole course if you got 20 wrong
All the students were sweating and trying their best
But one boy named Albert turned in a blank test, and said….
3. The couple was sitting and planning the day
That their lives would be joined in a more formal way
Till one stared out in space and got taciturn too
The other said, “don’t you love me?” “You know that I do, but….”
4. The reporters were gathered with cameras and lights
The photographers too, ‘twas a glorious sight
Then up stepped the leaders of all of the lands
They said not a word, smiled, and threw up their hands, and said….