Here's a parody I wrote in 2000 when websites tended to have a "cookie cutter" quality. I did a no-tech live version, a friend put it on mp3, and we uploaded it to the site.
It got a lot of hits....until the site reconfigured. Now I'm just offering it to you as a complete download, just for's not on a CD....


Little Dot Coms
Little Dot Coms on the Internet
Little Dot Coms out in cyberspace
Little Dot Coms made of megabytes
With thousands of clever names
There's a smashing one
And a flashing one
And a gets-your-computer-crashing one
And they're all out there in cyberspace
And they all look just the same.
1. Don't click on the wrong button
Or you can't get out for nuttin'
They'll encode you and encrypt you
Till they've trapped you in their game
You no sooner say "bongiorno"
Than they try to sell you porno
And they ram it into your mailbox
Do these people have no shame?
2. Each site has one-time offers
If you help them fill their coffers
While getting eyestrain, getting migraines
Staring at a throbbing screen
And karpal tunnel just from sitting there
Even though it's an ergonomic chair
Off your duff now, that's enough now
Go outside and see some green!