From the recording You, Me, and All of the Above

8. The Ballad of Mossadegh
words and music by Kristin Lems
© 2015 Kleine Ding Music (BMI)
Mohamed Mossadegh is written about and remembered as the “father of modern Iran,” and is an inspiration to those anywhere in the world struggling for self-determination.  Learn more about him here.


1. Mohamed Mossadegh stood for the people  
Born into a wealthy class
Could have merely enjoyed his privilege and power
But this servant leader chose another path
2. Studied law in Switzerland, returned to Iran
Elected to Iran’s new parliament
Took part in Iran’s constitutional revolution
Built people’s power wherever he went
3. Served as governor, finance minister
His reforms widely loved across Iran
Till the shah was forced to make him prime minister
Mossadegh kept democracy pushing on
4. He stood up to the generals and to the aristocracy
Stood up to the monarchy
And then he stood up to British petroleum
And from their hold broke Iran free
5.  Those who rule by force are quickly forgotten
Their cruel deeds erased from memory
But for this patriot of Persia, Mohammed Mossadegh,
Our memory is as fresh as can be
6. Trusting the people, and listening to their wisdom
This is what a servant leader gives
As long as democracy is loved anywhere
Dr. Mossadegh lives.