From the recording You, Me, and All of the Above

I’ve always loved the poem “Who has Seen the Wind?” by Robert Louis Stevenson, and this song is written in that spirit.  I wrote it to sing for children, but soon realized that it’s an all-ages song.


1. The everywhichway wind is blowing
Everywhichway, up and down
It blows upon the ships at sea
And on the children in the town.
Oh - It's coming round again
Blows you up and blows you down,
the everywhichway wind
Oh - It's rising up again
Blows you all around the town,
the everywhichway wind!
2. The everywhichway wind is blowing
Everywhichway, everywhere
It slaps my clothes and scatters leaves
And makes a bird nest in my hair!
3. It sends the empty trashcans flying
Booming as they roll along
It snaps the branches off the trees
And sings a wild and windy song!
4. It brings the warmth of summer heat
It brings the sleet and driving rain
The winter winds blow cold and then
It brings the breeze of spring again!
5. Tell me wind, where are you going?
Tell me why you blow so wild
The next direction never knowing
Chasing round me like a child!