From the recording You, Me, and All of the Above

I wrote this in 2012 while working closely for a month with English teachers in Chile.  I discovered that in all of the amazing stories about the 2010 mine rescue, there was another important “backstory”


3. The Heart of a Woman
words and music by Kristin Lems
© 2015 Kleine Ding Music (BMI)
1.  In Copiapo Chile, a mine shaft collapsed
Maria and the other wives rushed to the scene
“Go away ladies, this is men’s work!”
She said, “You break rocks, but you can’t break me!”
The heart of a woman is deeper than a mountain
Harder than rock, safer than a shelter
The heart of a woman is deeper than a mountain
Rock my soul.
2.  33 miners deep inside the mountain
33 miners as good as dead
But the women and the children set up their camp
“You will bring them out alive!” the women said.
3.  For 19 days the probes brought nothing
But in Maria’s heart was a tapping sound
The 19th day, the probe brought a message
33 miners alive underground!
4.  The men underground sang songs, told stories
Exercised in their prison in the earth
Got notes and videos from women who waited
Reminding them what life is worth.
5.  After 69 days, the capsule was ready
The world held its breath, sent letters, said prayers
Till one by one the men were liberated
Into the arms of the women there!
Kristin Lems:  lead vocal, spoken word
Lynn Keller:  bass guitar, synth bass
Susan Draus:  vocal arrangement
 Tim Morey:  classical guitar
Vance Okraszewski:  drums, percussion
Charnette Batey, Candace Quarrels, Susan Draus:  background vocals